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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 31, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> andrea: your office is next to mine. you have are not taking it. >> eric: that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. see you tomorrow. good night. be safe. it's halloween! ♪ ♪ captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: new fox polls, six days from the finish line as the candidates walk a fine line. in the aftermath of the devastating storm. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. it's all tied up. the razor thin lead governor romney had coming out of the first debate has vanished. his final campaign stop and ad spending point to an expanding map, though. chief political correspondent carl cameron leads off our coverage tonight. from florida. >> in florida, romney return full blown campaigning after
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hurricane sandy. >> make sure that you go vote early. if you have a dollar extra, send it to the red cross for our friends in harm's way. i love you and i appreciate it. together we'll win. >> the latest fox polls nationally show dead even tie at 46% each. romney lead with independents is at 7 points down from 12 at the beginning of the month. with little hope of images to rival the president touring the disaster zone with chris christie today, romney introduced by the popular former governor jeb bush and marco rubio and resumed the rally rhetoric. >> i believe this is the year for us to take a different course. i will bring real change and real reform. >> in florida, the latest quinnipiac poll gives the president a one-point neng the margin of error. the real clear politics average of recent polls have romney up over a point. in virginia, quinnipiac has the president up two and in a virtual tie. but real clear politics average there shows romney up half a point. in ohio, the challenge remains. quinnipiac shows five-point lead. and the real clear politics
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average has obama up 2.3 points. romney trying to expand the playing field to include pennsylvania, michigan, where thage in recent polls has chunk for obama. team obama scoffs. >> i will shave off my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of the three states. >> in pennsylvania, romney pulled to a virtual tie. the president has edge in margin of error according to a flank and marshall poll. in michigan, virtual tie in margin of error in "detroit news" survey, though team romney acknowledge they need a come-from-behind surge. the final push is dubbed the romney-ryan real recovery road rally and begins with who's who of congressman and governors and luminaries to spanning out through 11 battleground through the weekend. romney visits virginia tomorrow when the new national unemployment numbers are scheduled for release and wraps up in new hampshire, where the national telegraph newspaper that backed him four years ago endorsed romney today. >> on the romney press bus as we roll toward evening rally in jacksonville.
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romney campaign held teleconference with reporters this afternoon and said winning is possible, though not certain. they said they are exactly where they would hope to be in the final week of the campaign, with the battleground state of the polls virtually tied. they point out when it comes to favorability, romney is ahead of president obama. bret? >> bret: technology, carl cameron, rolling on the bus. carl, thank you. ♪ ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. late breaking details in the ongoing scandal on the attack of the u.s. consulate on benghazi, libya, that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others there. fox news obtained a new document that sheds new light on the days before that attack. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live at the white house with the latest. >> good evening, bret. this is a cable sent to secretary of state clinton's office at the state department showing that there was emergency meeting on august 15 at the u.s. mission in benghazi. significant because that is less than a month before the
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terror attack there. at this emergency meeting we're told, based on the cable, there was concern expressed by officials on the ground in benghazi that there were al-qaeda training camps there. there could be problems for from that. the cable says the regional security officer expressed concern with the ability to defend the post in event of the coordinated attack due to limited manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities and post nation is up -- host nation support and the overall size of the compound. they also in this cable say if the emergency meeting they describe the security situation in benghazi, as "trending negatively." they also said that they would be asking for more protection from the government. we know the calls for more security were not heeded. also important to note, though, that the cable says that the intel was unclear about whether or not there were direct threats to american interests. i just got off the phone with the republican senator lindsey graham who says he was aware
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after the fact of the emergency meeting in benghazi. he said this shows to him that the administration knew this storm was brewing out there and didn't do enough to stop it. he also tied it directly to the super storm sandy we have been dealing with here in the u.s. senator graham telling me, "i appreciate the president calling chris christie three or four times. where is his commitment to getting the truth on libya?" he went on to accuse president of showing half-hearted attempt to get to the bottom of the story. the charge coming on the same day that the president was in new jersey getting up close view of the devastation from sandy. >> he has sprung in to action immediately. >> warm words president bam panel never expected to get from the republican -- president obama never expected to get from republican governor christie before the election. >> a great working relationship. to make sure that we are doing jobs that people elected us to do. i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern. and compassion for our state and for the people of our state.
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>> unlikely duo, the endangered democratic incumbent and man who just two months ago tried to help unseed him. by delivering the keynote at the republican national convention. what brought them together today was the need for federal aid after the raw horror of superstorm sandy. >> the two bonded at the community center in new jersey, where dozens have been sleeping since their homes were destroyed. aboard marine 1, the president and governor shared a rivetting one-hour aerial tour of the utter devastation. >> we will not forget, we will follow up to make sure that you get all the help that you need, until you rebuilt. >> a chance for the president to show off the benefits of incumbency. just as the latest fox news poll shows he is facing big questions about his leadership. with 52% of likely voters disapproving of his performance on the economy. while only 45% approve. 47% disapprove of his handling of the libya. 49% approve. likely voters are closely
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divided on the question of whether the obama administration tried to mislead americans about the terror attack in libya. 44% say yes, 47% say no. >> the american people deserve the truth. >> four republican senators today fired off a letter to the president, demanding to know, "what steps you and your administration took or failed to take before, during and after the terrorist attack to protect american lives." >> they are stonewalling us. i think they are trying to run out the clock until this election. >> republican lindsey graham today sent a separate letter to tunisian officials requesting they give the u.s. government access to al harzi, the only person in custody over the benghazi attack. >> i frankly am offended by the administration not being honest with the american people. and sharing any information with congress. >> senator gram told me that tunisian government responded he could submit questions in writing to the suspect and they would try to get answers. he said it's not good enough.
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he got tunisian foreign minister on the phone and graham vowed he would put pressure on the tunisian government and is call tong president to do the same. >> bret: we'll follow up with the panel on this. ed, thank you. the stock exchange was open today after a rare two-day closure. the dow lost 11. the s&p 500 was unchanged. nasdaq dropped 11. the death toll from hurricane sandy on the east coast stands above 60. is expected to climb. 6 million homes and businesses are underwater. and we have david lee milner new york city. we begin with correspondent mike tobin in a blustery cleveland, ohio. hello, mike. >> hello, bret. the winds are actually calming down here. you can see how churned up lake erie is. that should give you a rough idea what it's like when the winds came through at 70 miles per hour plus and sustained. the coast guard says the coast
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of lake erie got it worst of all the great lakes. just about every dock out here sustained daniel. 30 boats sank. 20 boats presumed missing. inland what we see, trees fell over, taking power lines out with them. considerable sections of the grid. traffic lights are out. traffic is now snarled. the ki he ga river is two -- cucuyahoga river above flood stage. the storm came this far west, this far inland and still in terms of the wind speed and bare metic pressure could have qualified as a weak hurricane. skipped across the great lakes uninhibited and delivered a punch to canada. to my colleague david lee milner new york. >> mike, we were in the torn most tip of manhattan. this roadway connects the east side with the west side. but the tunnel behind me is completely submerged in water. take a look. you see partially submerged truck at the entrance to the
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tunnel. this water is not going to recede naturally. it will have to be bumped out. also, new york city subway stations are also flooded. nevertheless, tomorrow, authorities expect that there will be some limited service. as for electricity, 1.8 million new yorkers still without juice. hundreds of thousands of them live in lower manhattan. new york senator chuck schumer says help is badly needed for new york city. costs now should not be a concern. >> bottom line, one of the biggest disasters to have ever struck the state and the country. federal response has to measure that scope. and be equal to that scope. >> one final note, on sunday, new york marathon is scheduled. authorities say it is still going to take place. now for the latest on what is happening in new jersey, here is rick leventhal.
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>> we are in a town on yearssy shore founded 125 years ago this month and facing the greatest challenge in history. hundreds of homes are heavily damaged or destroyed including these on the beach. some of them knocked off the foundation to expose gas lines. utility crews all day to cap the lines. in the travels around the small island we have seen cars that were buried in some of them up to five feet of sand. there was four feet of standing water here. a lot of daniel to homes. about 1,500 homes here that many of which will not be able to be repaired. we saw boats on the glimmer glass draw bridge were in dry storage, dry dock. that were carried to the bridge by the rushing waters from the atlantic ocean. the bridge is not structurally sound. we saw boats on the train
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track. much worklet to be done and -- left to be done and residents not allowed back in. >> bret: thank you very much. that will take some time. west virginia officials are blaming super storm sandy for five deaths, including a state legislative candidate. the storm dumped 19 inches of snow, knocking out power to nearly 300,000 residents in west virginia. coming up, the obama administration takes credit for saving g.m. but nonunion workers at an ohio plant think they got a raw deal. now to the next to vote question. which of these bluest states is most likely to swing red? text sr1 to 36288 for michigan. sr2 for minnesota. sr3 for new mexico. sr4 for pennsylvania. results a little later. next up, a close look at the latino vote. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop?
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>> bret: g.m. reported third quarter net income of $1.5 billion. on the news, the stock price rose 10%. to $25.50 a share. that is less than half of what is needed for taxpayers to be repaid. in the battleground state of ohio, the terms of that bail-out deal are still not sitting well with the number of delphi workers. correspondent steve brown has more. >> i bet on american workers and manufacturing. >> that is how president obama describes the u.s. auto bail-out on the campaign trail. in 2009, teetering g.m. got billions, but the deal would not work without labor peace. and the united auto workers wanted delphi members taken care of. delphi was and is g.m.'s top part supplier. at the same time of the bail-out, delphi itself was wading through bankruptcy.
3:17 pm
it canceled ils employee pension, handing off remain to the federal government. nightmare for delphi retirees. >> my pension went from $2,550 a month geis guaranteed to gettg $385 a month. >> dellny members were folks that the international union wanted help. if they fully restored the pension, the uaw would go along with the bail-out. g.m. agreed. >> when you first hear the union pensions are topped off, you would think yes, even would be treated fairly and equally. that was not the case. >> tom rosen, 20,000 salary delphi retirees got no pension bail-out. many sus sent they know why -- suspect they know why. >> union had political connections and we did not. >> that's it? >> that is it. >> rose charges it was a simple political calculation. democratic president and his administration, taking care of a democratic ally organized labor. >> i do believe in the value
3:18 pm
of this company. >> steven ratter in says political fixes are wrong. he headed the auto task force to oversee the g.m. and chrysler bail-out and he tells fox news we had lots of conversation whether to require g.m. top off all the pensions. it was not easy to decide where to draw the line. >> ratner says the uaw had to be in factories if the g.m. bail-out would work and they drew the line at topping off the delphi uaw pension. bret? >> bret: steve, thank you. latinos are the second fastest growing race group. they will be even bigger and a bigger factor in every election to come. here is chief national correspondent jim angle. >> vice president biden told a radio interviewer from univision that only he and the president recognize the importance of latino voters. >> we have a lot of people who don't pay attention the lay te
3:19 pm
know vote; particularly, in the other party, realizing that is a political force. >> the president told the des moines register if he wins a second term, it will be because, "the republican nominee and the republican party have sold alienated the fastest growing demographic group in country: the latino community." judging from the ads in spanish, though, the romney campaign doesn't seem to be taking anything for granted. [ speaking spanish ] >> from the association of latino lawmakers says the latino vote is steadily increasing. >> latino vote is growing with every election cycle. in 2008, 9.7 million latinos voted. we project it that 12.2 million will vote. 26% increase. >> latino are 15% of registered voters in key battleground state as florida where romney was today. colorado, and nevada. they questioned mr. obama for non-fulfilling his promise to pass immigration reform in the first year. the top concerns of hispanics
3:20 pm
are even tougher for the president. >> the number one issue today for latinos, especially latino voters is the economy. impact the great recession has had on latinos has been tremendous. >> recent fox news poll confirms that, showing 48% of hispanics chose economy as the most important issue. while only 23% said immigration. no wonder that romney emphasized economy in september interview with univision. >> there are 2 million more hispanics in post officeerty today than when the president took office. we have had 56 straight months with unemployment above 10% for hispanic-americans. unacceptable. >> bush got 44% of the hispanic vote in 2004. polls show romney getting a little more than half that. bret? >> bret: jim, thanks. still ahead -- look at some of the big-time gaffes made by the vice president in recent days that have gone under the radar. first, transportation woes continue in the wake of sandy. ford c-max hybrid.
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>> bret: on the center storm sandy continues to wreak havoc on travel plans. some are starting to get off the grounds and train are moving, full service looks to be a ways off. william la jeunesse surveys the scene. >> this isn't just in new york disaster, a connecticut disaster, a jersey disaster. a national disaster. >> from the air a on the ground. the devastation widespread. the ripple effect continues today. >> we don't expect the travel schedule will be getting back to normal until saturday or sunday of this weekend at the earliest. >> since sunday, airlines canceled more than 19,000 flights. 2800 today. hundreds more tomorrow.
3:25 pm
that is especially problematic at the three new york airports that handle more passengers than any other. today jfk and newark reopened on limited basis with philadelphia and washington's reagan national. and dulles. however, laguardia, which handles most domestic traffic in new york remains under water. affecting cargo and passengers. >> stuck in l.a. since thursday. and we have been rescheduled twice. >> freight and passenger rail in new york remains problematic with tracks flooded and covered in debris, including boats. >> amtrak began limited service south of newark and north of boston, no trains in new york city. today grand central station reopened bringing in a few trains from the northern suburb and long island. on thursday, some subway traintrains will start running. >> limited new york city, subway service. supplemented by a bus bridge from brooklyn to manhattan will begin tomorrow. >> but many subway lines in lower manhattan remain flooded. requiring pumping and close
3:26 pm
inspection before reopening. >> now moments ago, officials said laguardia airport will reopen tomorrow morning. that should help with the backlog and bottleneck. back to you. >> bret: thank you. in his weekly public audience in st. peter's square, pope benedict 16 ramire xvi said he s praying for those. >> i offer prayers for the victim to express my solidarities to those who are engaged in the work of rebuilding. >> bret: now to afghanistan. special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction released audit report finding that the afghan government will likely be incapable of fully sustaining afghanistan security forces facilities after the 2014 transition. now that does not mean all is lost for afghan security forces. just that they are going to
3:27 pm
have far more serious troubles and problems than originally thought. treasury officials say they expect the government will hit the debt limit, by the end of this year. the current debt stands at $16.16 trillion. with the ceiling at $16 $16.39 trillion. the last battle over raising the debt limit in august 2011 came down to the wire as you may remember. euro zone unemployment hit a record high of 11.6% in september with a total of 18 18.5 million people out of work. now back to the next to vote question tonight. which one of these bluish states is most likely to swing red this year? text sr1 to 36288 for michigan. sr2 for minnesota. sr3 for new mexico. text sr4 for pennsylvania. results shortly. grapevine is next.
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>> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. there is a new explanation for why super storm sandy happened. coming from syria. syrian army news posted this -- , "sources confirm that hurricane sandy now buffeting the u.s., was carried out by a highly advanced technology developed by the heroic iranian regime. in coordination with our resistant regime. this is a consequence of attacking assad's syria and threatening its security."
3:32 pm
last month, iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad blamed the west for destroying his country's rain clouds to force a drought. as cities along the eastern seaboard begin cleaning up sandy's wreckage, one group seems happy about the damage. occupy wall street's official twitter account posted these tweets tuesday. "no subways, no electricity, no chains." go outside, meet your neighbors, talk, share a meal. when capitalism retreats, our communities flourish. as capitalism halts we experience exceptional period of mutual support and common care. cameras were rolling yesterday when buzz feed reporter mckay copkins made this comment about governor romney before he took the stage in ohio -- >> i really wonder -- [ inaudible ] >> bret: he admitted the snipe and that his prediction was wrong. "looks likebe my snide comment
3:33 pm
caught on live stream was wrong." romney got the tone just right at this event in dayton. >> finally, rahm emanuel dodged interview question until after the election. florida fourth grader asked president obama's former white house chie chief of staff, "do u have funny stories you can tell us about president obama?" emanuel said there were all kind of story bus he wouldn't share them just yet. "after the election i'll tell you some funny stories. i don't want to do anything that would ever be used the wrong way to jeopardize his to election, okay?" on the campaign trail, vice president biden routinely fires up crowds with empassioned speeches but lately his words have been getting away from him. but no one seems to be calling him on it. chief washington correspondent james rosen has more. >> i am being a good biden today. >> stumping in sarasota,
3:34 pm
florida, vice president biden did not commit a gaffe. the absence punctured a week and long season of campaigning in which the scrappy democratic ticket mate repeatedly stuck his foot some place other than the floor. last friday's wild inflation of the g.o.p. tax plan. >> $500 trillion tax cut to 120,000 families. >> followed by monday's use of a dollar figure never before heard in annals of economics. >> additional $1-point-trillion dollars in tax cuts. >> in between those came identity crisis involving the virginia senate candidate tim kaine. >> i am a big tom kaine fan. a big tom kaine fan. >> biden boyd has been the beneficiary of a great personality. when he commits a gaffe, often times it's just dismissed as well, it's just joe. whereas a lot of republican candidates don't get that flak. >> serious bidenologists know all biden gaffes are not equal. they distinguish between the
3:35 pm
epic hot mic moment. and those instances where it remains unclear whether he misspoke at all. >> going to put y'all back in chains. >> i think vice president very well knows that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way. >> i always say what i mean. >> defenders acknowledge the gary louse vice president is given to unscripted moments but contend the authenticity appeals to ordinary americans. in places like the vice president's native scranton, pennsylvania. >> he is deepl deeply rooted ins own background and his own neighborhoods and never lost touch with the middle class americans. >> at a restaurant in sarasota, a woman put mr. biden on her cell phone with her republican brother. the brother said to be a fan of the anti-obama movie "2016" started to attack obamacare, prompting the vice president to rely, "i'm not trying to talk you in to voting for me, i just wanted to say hi to you. after it's over when your insurance rates are down
3:36 pm
you'll vote for me in 2016." bret? >> bret: james, thank you. so what do you think about vice president biden speaking style on the stump? let me know on twitter. follow me. @bretbaier. six days until the election. we dig in new fox polls with the fox all-stars next. this is awesome! folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. i'd say happier than a slinky on an escalator. get happy. get geico. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico.
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♪ what i can promise you is that the federal government will be working as closely as possible with the state and local officials and we will not quit until this is done. >> this has been a great working relationship to make sure that we're doing the jobs that people elected us to do. i can't thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for the state and people of our state. >> we are going through drama in a major part of the country. kind of trauma you experienced here in florida more than once. and it's interesting to see
3:40 pm
how people come together. >> day as the campaign starts if full tomorrow. today, president obama in new jersey. governor chris christie and mitt romney in florida. we have new fox polls as we told you at the top of the hour. here is what it shows. essentially the race is dead even. 46-46 among likely voters. that is a slight change. it's within the margin of error earlier in the month. then you see the independents, you can see that mitt romney, the romney-ryan ticket has a jump on this. that has actually increased in this latest poll. from earlier in the month. going up two percentage points there. bring if the panel. steve hayes for "weekly standard." juan williams. from the hill. and syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. thoughts? >> on the poll but what is interesting is it's a dead
3:41 pm
heat where it was before. there is a slight increase in intensity, measured in two ways. one way is when you ask people if the eselection extremely important. romney edge grew from six to 11 points. people who support him. more of him will feel intensity. it's important than your guy win 7 out of 10 for romney and 6 out of 10 for obama. that tells you one thing that might be hiding here intensity will decide who turns out the vote. pollster call it's easier to say a name. but a measure, but with a poll no way to measure likelihood of showing up. it indicates maybe measure for romney. the other part, when you see president at 46 with a week to go, the reason that traditionally the break is to the challenger because people
3:42 pm
have had four years to decide if they like a guy. if he still is not at 50% or near it, the likelihood is that the undecided will go to the challenger. not true every year but true in 1980. failed presidency on democratic side an break was enormous. >> bret: it's important to point out that this is a national poll. important to point out that the polling was finished the night sandy was coming ashore. we talk about how the storm could affect thing or freeze it or alter things. handling of the economy, question number three here. president obama handling of the economy among likely voters. approve 45%. disapprove, 52%. 2010 was a huge republican win in mid-term election and you can see numbers in comparison. >> so compared to 2010 plus ten for president. but still not great because you see higher rate of disapproval than approval.
3:43 pm
what is interesting about this, if you ask about the handling in general still not great. more people disapprove than approve. that is a weakness for president obama. the position poll the race is even. what it tells me is that romney who had momentum for several weeks his momentum has stopped. the independent voter was romney-ryan had a slightly bigger lead than they do now. the number of people unsure from 29% now down to 16%. most broke for president obam obama. >> bret: early october it was 44-32. you're saying that the obama number goes up. >> yes. >> bret: so does romney-ryan. >> by one.
3:44 pm
obama-biden went up by 7. romney-ryan went up by one. if you look to the other unsure, 25% in early october. now down to 16%. >> bret: put number two up if you can again. >> so things breaking there more for the incumbent than the challenger. overall, what charles is saying is right. generally things break for the channeler. the income intent a known quantity. but not that it completely breaks for the incumbent. so many battleground obama maintains small lead, but maintaining it. but the fear is that romney momentum would carry him to lead in those states. >> bret: steve? >> the ultimate cliche in politics is turn-out determines elections. that's what will happen here. cliche for a reason. charles touched on one of the two things that the romney campaign is pointing to, voter intensity. the fact that voter intensity is higher and appreciably higher an consistently higher over the course of past couple
3:45 pm
of months of polling tells romney, the romney campaign they are likely to see intensity pushes turn-out. intensity pushes turn-out. that is good news for the romney campaign. the other thing they pointed to today in the conference call was i think it was 26 polls taken that measured support of independents. in 20 of 26 of those, romney campaign was up. by an average of something like 7 points. the romney campaign argued if the turn-out is anything less than the 2008 turn-out model, which was a weigh election for president obama to have that kind of a lead among independents, on top of that kind of voter intensity from republicans, who are most likely to vote for romney obviously. that points to electoral success. >> bret: which is why the national tracking poll have been consistently showing romney ahead. gallup, rasmussen. by five or six. that is what accounts for that. >> bret: i want to get to the expanding map. and the different thoughts about it. play the sound bite quickly.
3:46 pm
>> i will come on morning joe andshaw off my mustache of 40 years if we lose any of the three states. if we lose minnesota, michigan, or pennsylvania, you'll shave the mustache. >> on the show. >> obama campaign for the first time is going to spend money here, million dollars, it's getting tight. i wouldn't shocked if romney pulled off shocker next tuesday. >> bret: that guy, bill ballinger knows michigan. he knows michigan. inside michigan politics. if he is saying that, he knows some stuff. >> the axelrod mustache promise has doubled my intensity. [ laughter ] i'm going to go out there and vote twice on my election day. >> bret: at that, we'll end this panel. next up, the latest on the benghazi attack that left four americans dead. new document and new developments. keep it here. everyone loves surprise parties.
3:47 pm
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♪ ♪ the lead township this, the event itself and the stories after -- the lead-up to this, event itself and stories afterwards show lack of competence and honesty. shocking to think the administration is willing to have the jury in this case the american public draw the negative references in the world. yes not speak the truth. you can only imagine what the truth must be like if they're willing to keep silent. the facts are known. the facts are simple. they're known and available. the only thing that remains is to disclose them. >> bret: former attorney general michael mukasey on
3:51 pm
"america live" with megyn kelly this afternoon talk about the benghazi situation. this is as new developments today, catherine herridge obtaining memo from the state department cable, summarizing sg in august 15 emergency meeting. this, of course, the month before the september 11 attack. that essentially said that the regional security officer did not believe that the consulate compound could be protected from the al-qaeda groups, including ansar al-sharia. that was in the area. and that there was a lack of manpower, security measures, weapons capabilities, and nation support. that they were concerned about the compound there. this is a document. cable, that was marked "secret" and sent to secretary of state clinton. this is another document in a long trail we have been uncovering as this continues to develop. we're back with the panel. steve? >> well, it is. it's another piece of the puzzle. we knew from the congressional
3:52 pm
testimony other security officers in benghazi and elsewhere were expressing alarm. raising alarms about the state of security in benghazi. as far back as that spring. we know that the ambassador himself was sending cables on september 11, saying that he didn't feel adequately protected. now we know this was the emergency meeting called in the middle of august three weeks before the attack. expressing the same concerns. >> bret: naming the terrorist groups that eventually will be the ones that now believe are behind -- >> part of the coordinated attack. almost -- it's almost like a premonition. look, i think the biggest problem for the administration here is that they continue to tell us that they are providing all the information. when they are manifestly not providing all the information. president of the united states said on two different occasions, that i'm sharing all of this information as it comes in, in real-time with the american people. that is patently false. there is no way to dress it up as anything else. it's untrue. he is not sharing that
3:53 pm
information. it could come up with a list of three dozen questions that the white house isn't answering right now. because they're not sharing information. they're not sharing it with the american people. not sharing it with the members of congress asking. they're not sharing information. they are withholding information. >> bret: to that point, juan, senator lindsey graham on that very point, he is dealing with tunisians, who is in their custody. >> not sure if we're trying hard to get to bottom of it at home. obama administration stonewall to congress, misleading the american people. i have written almost a dozen, half a dozen letters to the administration, i haven't heard one word back. >> bret: that is a sitting member of the senate. >> well, the investigation is not done. i don't know what he wants to hear if he wants to conduct the own investigation. she free to do so. to my mind, contrary to what steve said, i think the administration tried to put out what they have. but they don't have the answers. i think if they were putting out answers they would be
3:54 pm
self-serving answers. so to my mind they are taking a big hit on this. clearly, people think something is up. what is going on? why reason you telling us more? if you look at the fox poll on handling libya among likely voters it says 39% approve, but 47% disapprove. so the handling is not exactly a political winner for the administration. but when it comes to the question, did the administration intensely try to mislead americans on attack in libya, a split decision there, but the plurality says there is no misleading. so, the question becomes should the administration be forcing this or is it the case that the other side is trying to politicize it to indicate somehow there is no reason for the people, for the american people to trust barack obama on foreign policy, which they still prefer president obama on foreign affairs. >> you think the administration is withholding information that could serve them? this isn't an administration when they did the raid on bin
3:55 pm
laden, seal team six, they had a ton of information, a lot that should never have been released, served them well and they released it almost immediately and scandalously open way. it exposed our meths about our people. this is not an administration which has shown itself to be a keeper of secrets that would help it. the drone attacks. i mean on all of this. leaks when it will help them. here we know that they know stuff, what happened in the nine hours when they had real-time information and knew what was happening? where was the president? why wasn't he directing actions? who were the ones that contr contramanded any assistance? where was the president when it happened? all of that, the president knows. it won't serve them. that is why he is not saying it. wait until after the election or after he is forced, otherwise you will not hear it. this is not an administration which is loathed to release stuff even if it will hurt the national security. which will help them.
3:56 pm
>> looks like another hour could be coming. that is it for the panel. stave tuned for more on the final push toward election day. i get hit by a meteor. wow, your hair looks great. didn't realize they did photoshop here. hey, good call on those mugs. can't let 'em see what you're drinking. you know, i'm glad we're both running a nice, clean race. no need to get nasty. here's your "honk if you had an affair with taylor" yard sign. looks good. [ male announcer ] fedex office. now save 50% on banners. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the first week... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix.
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>> bret: in tonight's text-to-vote question we asked you which one of these bluish states is most likely to swing red. 31 percent said michigan. 10 percent said minnesota. 5% picked new mexico and 54% of you thought it would be pennsylvania. thanks for your votes tonight. we had nearly 8,000 of them. finally tonight, with just 6 days remaining until election day, the grind of this campaign is wearing on some americans, including this 4-year-old little girl who is just plain fed up. >> i'm tired. i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you are crying? >> oh, it will be over soon, abbey. okay? the election will be over soon, oka